The Millennial Side-Hussle

What is The Millennial Side-Hussle?

Many young and fresh college grads have taken second jobs or are being creative with ways to make extra money on the side. It's being referred to as the "Millennial Side-Hussle" and it's real.

It could be as boring as another retail job for some. For others, it's a passion. It's the freelance gig that brings in the extra bucks but also holds the promise of a better, more fulfilling life.

This Site is a Side-Hussle

This phenomenon is not shocking. The Millennial generation have entered the workforce during one of the worst economies in modern history, the effects of which will continue to haunt them for a very long time. Almost all wages for a 30 year-old are lower now than they were 10 years ago, and I'm no exception.

Despite all that I managed to save up for a down-payment and by my first house. For some, the side-hussle is not a choice, but a reality. For others, it's simply the means to live better.

What Can I do?

A new survey from Bankrate recently showed us that North-Americans are a country of hustlers, where roughly 45 million adults claimed to have a side-gig, a quarter of which paid more than $500 per month. THE MONEY IS OUT THERE!

Side-Hussle Ideas

  • Blog about a subject you are passionate about and collect Ad revenue from sources like Google AdSense.
  • If you are creative, sell your art, children's book, whatever!
  • Many colleges look to employ young and trendy professionals for part-time teachers. Look up the colleges in your area. They have to make these job posts public by law.
  • Become a consultant for a skincare product company. These things are everywhere.
  • Open up a Shopify store and sell the latest trends.
  • Musically gifted? Sing at bars or make beats and sell them on popular platforms.
  • Have a decent body? Naked modelling at life-drawing classes pays well!
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • AirBNB
  • Become a Social-media brand-ambassador or representative
  • Childcare or babysitting
  • Dog Walking
  • The list could go on and on...

The bottom-line is to find something you are passionate about and make that your side-hussle. As you can see, the list of possible hussles is endless. It's up to you to stop being lazy, get your ass into gear, and make it happen.

OH! And one more thing. When you do start making money, don't go blowing it on stupid shit you don't need. Follow the 50/20/30 rule and make smart decisions, like paying off your student debt.



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